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Julian Perlingiero

Julian began his hairdressing career in Philadelphia.  In 1990 he joined the Vidal Sassoon organization in New York.  After completing the very intensive Sassoon training program he became a stylist at the flagship 5th Avenue Salon.  In the salon Julian maintained his involvement in education - doing seminars, trade shows and teaching in the salon, while catering to a successful 5th Avenue clientele.

In 1994 Julian was promoted to a full time education position at the world renowned academy in Los Angeles.  He quickly became Creative Director and was an integral part of reinventing the geometric cutting system that so many hairdressers rely on today.  During his time in Los Angeles Julian has had the opportunity to travel the world extensively, sharing his knowledge and experience with hairdressers from around the world, while teaching countless students in Los Angeles.

Julian has been a salon owner, stylist, educator, platform artist, creative director, and principal of hairdressing academies.

“I love to share my experience and knowledge with hairdressers in hope to better their understanding of the industry which has given me so many opportunities.”




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